Pure forms of the mineral corundum are known as the gemstones sapphire and ruby. All corundum of gemstone quality that is not red is sapphire. There are green and yellow sapphires, but the colour that is most often associated with this stone is blue.

Cornflower blue, dark blue or steel blue: they come in many hues. Good-quality blue sapphires are one of the most valuable gemstones. This stone has been beloved from time immemorial, and people have ascribed all sorts of characteristics to it. The owner of a sapphire will be imbued with strength, honour and immortality as well as peace and amiability. What’s more, the stone is a symbol of heavenly peace and prosperity. A sapphire is the gemstone for a 45th wedding anniversary. But what if you can’t wait that long for a sapphire ring? It’s also a wonderful gift idea for after 45 months. Or, why not, 45 days! LuciĆ«nne is always looking for special characteristics in coloured stones.

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