When building a jewelry collection a lot of people will automatically choose similar jewelry as before. They usually choose the same material, the same shape or similar colored stones. But actually diversity is more fun. That’s why Luciënne has the following tip: get out of your comfort zone! Luciënne does recognize this as she preferable always wears black. In a fashion shop she will go straight to the clothing rack with black clothes. But she also knows that while she has ten black jackets hanging in the cupboard, she only wears her two favorites. That can be the same with jewelry, but this is absolutely unnecessary. At Jesse Jewelry we always know exactly what our clients have bought before. If a customer has a collection of stackable JeSse rings, then we will strongly advise to try something else. If you always choose white gold then red can be a nice change. Are you used to long necklaces, then try once a short one. Also with colors you can go in all different directions. In this way you will really built a nice collection, by which you have a wide range to vary. Just a little change can be surprising: ”I would never have find out about this myself, but I am really happy with it” is the feedback we often get.


Get out of your comfort zone.