It is an old habit to have your wedding bands engraved. Also other precious moments can be a good reason to have your jewellery engraved with a date and/or a text. At Jesse we have regularly customers who buy jewellery for a special occasion. An engagement, a wedding, but also the birth of a child or with reaching a certain age. You can find enough reasons to have a special piece of jewellery. We once had some clients who wanted to celebrate their special friendship of 10 years. We are often dealing with parents who want something special for their daughter’s graduation. By having a little personal text and a date engraved, it will give a very personal touch to it. It will give the ring an extra dimension. We can also engrave some pendants with a special hand-engravement. Jesse works with a professional engraver for all special requests. If you buy a ring with JeSse we often do it for free. Ask in the shop for our possibilities.

Engraving: For al precious moments