Was it that gorgeous tanzanite or was it the design in her head which created that beautiful ring? Also with the new collection (of pieces) we leave no stone unturned to create something marvellous.

Sometimes a special stone can ask for a special design. Luciënne can stick around a certain stone to then suddenly create a great ring or a pretty necklace which seems to be specially made for that specific stone. But the other way around can also happen; in that case a design develops in Luciënne’s head before she encounters the suitable stone which completes the picture.

Most inspiration she gets from her travels abroad while hunting for coloured stones. “Frequently I encounter a stone which hits me straight away with a new design. But also, once in a while I have a design in my head and then it takes a while before I encounter the appropriate stone. Or I really love a specific coloured stone and I need to breed on the design for quite a while.” Whatever way the jewellery arises, the results are always stunning, skilfully made and unique. You can admire Luciënne’s beautiful collection in the shop.

The chicken or the egg