The ring and the stone in our advertisement in het Financieel Dagblad…

Again after so many positive responses at our advertisement in FD I thought it would be nice to tell a little more about this design and the stone.

Like al our designs this ring is also made from 18 karat redgold. The stone is a spessertite or also named a mandarine garnet, and is part of the garnet group.

You can recognise it because of the stunning deep colour and it is very hard to get it in this high quality. What for me is important in my ring design is that all is worked out ...


We love tourmaline as you can see in the picture. Tourmaline comes in all different colours, but you will also find tourmalines with more colours in one stone. In this picture three of our rings set with two or three tourmalines.


Just arrived

Just arrived these eardrop with fresh spring colors.

The chicken or the egg

Was it that gorgeous tanzanite or was it the design in her head which created that beautiful ring? Also with the new collection (of pieces) we leave no stone unturned to create something marvellous.

Sometimes a special stone can ask for a special design. Luciënne can stick around a certain stone to then suddenly create a great ring or a pretty necklace which seems to be specially made for that specific stone. But the other way around can also happen; in that case a design develops in ...

Engraving: For al precious moments

It is an old habit to have your wedding bands engraved. Also other precious moments can be a good reason to have your jewellery engraved with a date and/or a text. At Jesse we have regularly customers who buy jewellery for a special occasion. An engagement, a wedding, but also the birth of a child or with reaching a certain age. You can find enough reasons to have a special piece of jewellery. We once had some clients who wanted to celebrate their special ...

Get out of your comfort zone.

When building a jewelry collection a lot of people will automatically choose similar jewelry as before. They usually choose the same material, the same shape or similar colored stones. But actually diversity is more fun. That's why Luciënne has the following tip: get out of your comfort zone! Luciënne does recognize this as she preferable always wears black. In a fashion shop she will go straight to the clothing rack with black clothes. But she also knows that while she has ten black ...

More about… beryl

In its pure form, beryl is a colourless mineral. The first eyeglasses in the late Middle Ages were made from this polished stone. In fact, this is where the Dutch and German words for 'glasses' comes from ('bril' and 'Brille', respectively).

The various impurities give beryl its various hues. Logical, since the beryl group encompasses aquamarine, morganite and emerald, among others. Aquamarine also means 'water from the sea'. The stone comes in sea-green – the favourite colour ...


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