Get out of your comfort zone.

When building a jewelry collection a lot of people will automatically choose similar jewelry as before. They usually choose the same material, the same shape or similar colored stones. But actually diversity is more fun. That's why Luciënne has the following tip: get out of your comfort zone! Luciënne does recognize this as she preferable always wears black. In a fashion shop she will go straight to the clothing rack with black clothes. But she also knows that while she has ten black ...

Small Bracelets by Misis



The collection of small bracelets is just fun though very wearable. On the street or on the beach. There ...

Ready for the Summer?


The Misis spring/summer collection is bursting with vitality and colour. Set amidst abundant vegetative surroundings reminiscent of the tropics and the warmth of the sun, the collection offers four different product lines containing marine, floral and animal designs.

JUNGLE TIARA, CALATHEA, FORTALEZA and REEF PARTY all convey the message of Misis to the woman of spring/summer: sweetness, colour, naturalness and passion. Nothing heavy, nothing fearful. Life!

A summer in slow motion


A true eyecatcher is this golden turtle ring van Misis (silver and 18 k. plated). Have a look at the beautiful set stones! High  quality handcrafted jewelry.

White Gold Ring with Rubellite


A new handmade 18 carat ring with a Rubellite. Special to wear, but also to get as a present or just to buy for yourself because you deserve it.....

Rubellite is a red to pinkish tourmaline, which is in this pure form a valuable stone and exists in a large variety of colors. Rubellite has a very beautiful ...

Tourmaline and Sapphirs


This handmade 18 carat red gold ring with a very special oval tourmaline with 2 triljant cut sapphirs is astonishing. You have to see and FEEL this ring yourself.

Red Gold Ring with Ametrine


Again a beautiful handmade 18 carat red gold ring from Luciënne Jesse and what a beauty! Is it an amethyst or a citrine? No, it's both, a Ametrine. That's the reason of the heavenly glare in many different shades.The color is purple and yellowbrown and everything in between. It's ...


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