A real JeSse

‘Is that a real Jesse?’ Those who wear my jewellery can expect to be asked that question. That individual signature makes for a high level of recognition. I always stay true to myself and don’t allow myself to be distracted by short-lived trends or fads. I prefer to seek my inspiration in the colour stone, which often invites a design. Sometimes it’s the other way around and the design is already in my mind. Then I look for a specific natural colour stone, a beautifully cut diamond, pearls or a combination of both. Or just 18 carat gold. But the result is always recognisable as a JeSse-design.

een echte jesse
ontwerp ring


Every stone is unique. I personally select each colour stone and diamond from various countries. Special, pure and durably cut stones that match my designs. I always let myself be led and inspired by the colour, size and cut of the colour stone. For the colour stones I use white gold, yellow gold or red gold, but always 18 carats. The stones are unique, just like my clients. Good listening, observing and questioning are very important in the process of coming to a beautiful design. You can have a piece of jewellery designed by me or choose from the unique JeSse-designs in store.


Precious, but dated heirlooms, an antique, unwearable brooch, a boring necklace with beautiful stones: at JeSse Jewelry we can change your old jewellery and adapt it to the times. Sometimes just minor adjustments are required, sometimes we need to get to work a little more rigorously, but the result is always the same:  your ‘renewed’ piece of jewellery is a beautiful and particularly wearable design. With a sometimes daring metamorphosis, your jewellery or heirlooms are given a second lease of life.  You can also (on appointment) go through your jewellery box with myself or one of my colleagues to build up a new collection from existing pieces.

vermaken 2