Yellow gold, white gold, red gold; to me they are all just as beautiful. Not over the top, subtle. A beautiful combination of gorgeous stones that do all the work. Less is more.

Listening to the client is very important in my profession. They do that at JeSse too. They know my collection, come up with suggestions and always have a lot of patience.
Ellen Steentjes

testimonial ellen
testimonial sanneke

A piece of JeSse-jewellery is about me, is mine and is for me. I always wear it with pride.

Luciënne always knows how to surprise me. She doesn’t impose anything on you just provides really helpful advice.

The craftsmanship, the way the jewellery is made and the style are a unique combination that you only get with JeSse.

The jewellery is timeless. I continue to think that everything I have is beautiful. A love affair never dies, what more do you want?
Sanneke Parabirsing

I often used to look through JeSse’s shop window and on a good day I would allow myself to go in.

A piece of jewellery needs come to me. Something speaks to me and that’s it. It needs to be a smack in the face. It’s good that Luciënne understands that. She gets me, and what’s more, she’s the same.

Thanks to our relationship of trust, I was brave enough to ask for advice about the jewellery I had inherited from my mother. We looked at them together and something beautiful was created.
Dilia Meijboom

testimonial dilia
testimonial marielle

I used to stand gaping at the shop window. It’s like a sweet shop, that is you really want it all.

I was cycling through Amsterdam with my husband, having had a lovely evening. He said to me: ‘What can we do to always keep it this way?’ Jokingly I replied: ‘Stones, lots of stones!’ Not long later, he surprised me with a beautiful JeSse ring.
Mariëlle Meurs

Luciënne and I share a love of beautiful things. I see a piece of jewellery as a reward, or as a reminder of a beautiful moment.” My husband doesn’t like shopping but he’s happy to go to JeSse. Because of the jewellery, but also because they are honest and discreet.

I like uniqueness and when you have something made at Luciënne you will get a unique piece. I love that: it’s very personal and you won’t see it anywhere else.

The craftsmanship, the authenticity and the uniqueness: they are values that apply to everything in my life.
Barbara Peek

testimonial barbara
testimonial alexandra

My husband chooses and buys my jewellery. What I get is always a surprise. Sometimes he even has something specially made. He and Luciënne always make the perfect choice. They are building a beautiful collection together.

Although my husband chooses my jewellery, Luciënne also has a say in it. She and her team know exactly what I want.
Alexandra Calmero

Every morning I think about what jewellery I will wear and with what clothes I have beautiful sets but am starting to mix and match them more. As suggested by Luciënne.

To me it’s important that a piece of jewellery is not fussy. Then you’re in the right place. They are not commonplace or boring either; each piece is different and has its own surprising design.

We sometimes review my collection together What do you still wear, what could we change? In doing this she once changed a ring, such that I now wear it a lot.
Annerie Ploumen

testimonial annerie
testimonial femke

I was once at a party talking when suddenly a woman pointed to my ring: ‘A JeSse, I have a JeSse!’ Very funny.

Besides the fact that JeSse Jewelry sells beautiful pieces of jewellery, there is also a great team at work. The assistance and service are fantastic. They always know how to make you feel at ease and are very knowledgeable.

At JeSse they know my collection through and through and often come up with suggestions. Sometimes with a great choice that I would never have thought of.
Femke Visser