About Jesse

Who are you?

You are my client, my ambassador. A woman with a distinct personality. Authentic and sometimes quirky. You are not afraid to choose your own style. You know what suits you, but equally aren’t afraid to experiment with something new. Quality, creativity and sustainability are terms that appeal to you. Your character, your wishes and your identity are incorporated in the unique JeSse-designs.

Lucienne Jesse

Who am I?

I am Luciënne Jesse (GIA) and I design jewellery for women like you. I am creative, quirky and most importantly am filled with love for my profession. For me, the colour stone, the material, but also and perhaps especially your personality are the starting points for my designs. That’s why a piece of jewellery by Jesse is always a co-creation: of yours and mine. A perfect piece starts with a good conversation.

Who are we?

I don’t do it alone: at JeSse Jewelry we are a unique team with a huge amount of expertise. Rona, Nerine and Ward (GIA), my specialist colleagues in the store, are just as full of enthusiasm as I am. If you are a frequent visitor, they’ll know who you are, what you like and what you’ve already got. There are even more people involved behind the scenes. From suppliers – with whom we have had a trusted relationship with for many years – to our goldsmiths. They work out the designs and know exactly what we expect from them.  They have the craft off to perfection and that can be seen in every JeSse-design.

winkel interieur


Diamonds and gemstones are in the Jesse family’s blood. Grandfather Bernhard Jesse (1896) started as a diamond cutter and was the founder of the Elion & Jesse diamond factory, where father Albert Jesse (1936) also worked. After the Second World War he stared in the diamond trade, and where I was an apprentice for a long time. Once in the profession I discovered my love of colour stones. I obtained my graduate gemology degree at the Gemological Institute of America (GIA) in New York. By the way, my son Ward did the same study recently in London. When my father’s business moved to Antwerp, I started up for myself in Amsterdam, buying and selling a jewellery line and not long after as a jewellery designer, commissioned by jewellers. I had over sixty outlets, but opened my own JeSse Jewelry store in 1998. From then on, I could really sell my own designs and no longer had to conform to the jewellers’ tastes. Fortunately my customers knew where to find my shop from day one and today we have more than five thousand loyal customers.