Jesse is a Dutch women's jewelry brand founded by Luciënne Jesse. Since 1996, we have been designing handcrafted jewelry of the highest quality with our distinctive and distinctive signature. Our customer is a sophisticated collector with a clear personal style and taste who is looking for jewelry with a unique and intrinsic value. Jewelry made by hand and in an innovative design. In everything we do, creativity, durability and quality prevail.

Diamonds and precious stones are in the Jesse family's blood. Grandfather Bernhard Jesse (1896) started out as a diamond cutter and was founder of the diamond factory Elion & Jesse, where Luciënne's father Albert Jesse (1936) also worked. He started a diamond business after World War II, where Luciënne was an apprentice for a long time. Once in the trade, she discovered her love for gemstones. She obtained her graduate gemology degree at the Gemological Institute of America (GIA) in New York. When Albert moved to Antwerp with his business, Luciënne started for herself in Amsterdam buying and selling a jewelry line. She soon continued to grow as a designer of jewelry commissioned by jewelers, and within a short time the jewelry was at more than 60 retailers. In 1998, Luciënne decided to go back to basics with her own shop: Jesse Jewelry. This allowed her to sell her own designs and therefore she no longer had to conform to the taste of jewelers. Thanks to a solid network and the notoriety that had by now been amassed, people soon knew how to find the new shop. Since its establishment, we have welcomed and enriched many thousands of people with our unique jewelry. Our group of loyal customers therefore continues to grow every year.

The signature comes from the hand of owner and designer Luciënne Jesse. Since its foundation, Luciënne has pursued her own style, which she has continued to develop over the years. As a result, Jesse jewelry is easily recognisable by its robust yet elegant shapes.

Our jewelry is timeless and refined in every detail. Each diamond or coloured stone is unique and defines the shape from the design phase. We always make the carefully chosen coloured stones in combination with 18-karat white gold, yellow gold or red gold. The Jesse signature comes from conviction of our taste, passion for jewelry and the knowledge we have and gather from conversations with our customers. We listen, observe and ask through and together we create a beautiful design. The design is carried out by our master goldsmith and partly because of this, our end products always meet our high quality standards. This ensures an exquisite final product.

You can design your own jewelry together with Lucienne Jesse or choose from our own designs at our shop.

Jesse consists of a team of specialists of whom each has extensive knowledge and expertise when it comes to jewelry. In order to deliver the highest quality, we demand from ourselves that we know the jewelry through and through to inform you in the finest details. This way we ensure that you always get a piece of jewelry that exceeds your expectations and enriches your collection, large or small.

At Jesse, we can customize and modernize your treasured but dated gold heirlooms. The result is a beautifully updated, wearable and timeless design. We are also happy to help you rhodium plating your white gold jewelry. Polishing is also possible at our shop. Your jewelry does not have to come from Jesse for this and will look like new again afterwards. 

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