Our signature

The signature of our designs comes from the owner and principal designer Luciƫnne. Since its foundation, Jesse has pursued its own style under the leadership of Luciƫnne, which it has continued to develop over the years. Jesse jewelry is therefore recognized by connoisseurs of our house. What people see? Guts, bold, robust yet elegant shapes. Our jewelry is refined in every detail and there is a contrast between size and elegance.

The jewelry is timeless, just like those who wear it. Each diamond or gemstone is unique and sets the shape from the design stage. We always create gemstones in combination with 18-carat white gold, yellow gold or red gold. The Jesse signature comes from conviction of our taste, passion for jewelry and the knowledge we gain from talking to our customers. Listening carefully, observing and questioning ensure that we arrive at a good choice or a beautiful design together with you. As a result, a customer recognises themselves in the jewelry and complements it with their own personality.

You can have jewelry designed or choose from our unique designs at our shop.